Forget Tesla Roadster, Custom Lotus Evora EV Is The Better Performer!

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Tesla opened shop by taking a vehicle from Lotus and it then gives it a complete EV makeover. That very decision to adopt a Lotus has served Tesla well as they are now the brand to beat in the electrified automotive world.

Well, it appears that electrifying a Lotus is not a Tesla-exclusive work and this is proven today when one individual gave his Evora a complete EV makeover. The lad certainly knew what to do with the Evora before making the purchase. Otherwise, his creation won’t be able to come out on top in an open time attack challenge around the track.

The one-off Evora EV completed the challenge in full style as it boasts having the best lap times around. We simply don’t think that Tesla can match this achievement with the Roadster and also the Model 3.