Forget Turbos, Honda Civic’s Best Feature Is A Stick

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The tenth generation Honda Civic is widely loved for its design, great balance in fuel economy and power as well as the highly advanced in-cabin technologies. However, to the average eye, the best feature on the new Civic is the award-winning 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

The new mill can churn out a respectable output of 174hp while also returning up to 42mpg in fuel economy. The figures are just so good that only a handful few can rival the Civic’s offerings.

But then again, major reviewers and driving enthusiasts don’t think that the engine is the best part about the new Civic. They feel that the title belongs to the manual gearbox.

Unlike how it is with other vehicles, the manual on the new Civic is more efficient in the sense that it clicks between gears better. The shift throws are pretty much normal but you don’t end up missing a gear.

The driving satisfaction offered by the manual gearbox from Honda is just unmatched by any other carmaker. Hence the saying, “Honda really knows manuals”.