Forget VW Golf, Honda Type R Should Sweat Over Renault Megane RS!

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French cars like the Renault Megane RS may not have a big slice of the market share but that isn’t stopping the car from hoping to create new records in the automotive world.

Renault revealed earlier today that the new generation Megane RS is not just about going fast as the car is tuned for the best-in-class handling. Despite having a front-wheel setup, the Megane RS can compete with those having AWD or RWD and Renault wants to demonstrate this by beating the Honda Civic Type R’s Nurburgring record.

If the Megane RS can achieve this, the car will automatically be recognized as the fastest FWD car in history and this is something which Renault wants. The desire to compete from Renault came as a surprise because we really thought that the tussle for FWD glory has always come from the Golf GTI.

On papers, the odds are against the Megane RS due to the fact that the car has 39hp short of what the Civic Type R has to offer. Will Renault be able to make its dreams come true?