Fusion, Focus & Escape Piles On To Ford’s Misery!

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2017 has been very unkind to Ford as the company recorded sharp decline since the start of the year. Bad sales are difficult to recover from and it gets worse when owners of the Fusion, Focus and Escape are grouping together to sue the automaker.

Yes, you read that right. Ford is now facing a lawsuit filed by their customers and it is because of a very small issue – lug nuts. It appears that the nuts which kept the wheels intact on the Fusion, Focus and Escape are unnecessarily complex and the customers are not happy with it.

It was then we learned that the lug nuts on the said vehicles have a zinc cap that is used to give the overall appearance a boost. However, the zinc is really soft in nature and they can deform easily. This makes it difficult and expansive for customers to get a tire change hence the lawsuit.

The case is being handled by a local law firm, Hagens Berman. The firm commented that “Ford chose to make its lug nuts with an inferior design that puts cosmetics ahead of safety and directly led to harm to consumers”.

If Ford is to lose this case, they can expect more financial damage on top of an already difficult year.