GM: Iconic Corvette Badge Is Holding Company Back?

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As much as GM wants to compete fiercely in the global performance market with the Corvette brand, they are unable to do efficiently due to a number of reasons. The worst of them all is because of Corvette’s logo, which looks too much like a Red Cross flag.

These are the words of the Australian authority hence they can’t allow Corvette to get shipped into the country. While Holden may have served as a twin-brand to Chevrolet for GM in Australia, they are not in-synced with GM’s future plans.

All GM wanted is to bring Corvettes to the world but such odd regulations have prevented them from doing so. Today, GM said that they are exploring solutions for the matter and they may consider changing the badge on the Corvettes just so that they can proceed with their plans.

Such a move may upset the Corvette purists but it is a sacrifice we feel that GM is prepared to make as they need to expand or risk falling far behind rival Ford. The latter has been enjoying great success wherever it goes and GM is far behind in terms of global presence.