GM Looking To Poach On Ford F-150 Half-Baked Achievement

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If there is one thing GM couldn’t accept, it is seeing Ford grabbing all the glory in the automotive scene. This looks like happening again after Ford officially confirmed that the upcoming F-150 Diesel has received a 30mpg highway rating thus making it the first full-sized pickup truck to achieve that.

GM has never been kind towards the F-150 and this can be seen with they way they promote the Chevrolet Silverado. As such, it is pretty much a normal affair when GM made an attempt to lower the hype for the F-150 Diesel by making it public that their upcoming Silverado Diesel can do better.

While the Chevrolet Silverado Diesel is still a long time away from its official debut as well as MPG certification, GM teased that the vehicle can achieve 30mpg and through a 4WD drivetrain.

This is interesting to watch because 4WD is considered as a must-have on a full-sized pickup truck. The 30mpg achievement from the F-150 Diesel is only for the 2WD option and this is not the real deal. If GM can fulfil their promise, they can look forward at turning the tables against their rival.