GM Pickup Truck Offers More Brute Than Dodge Demon!

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The Dodge Challenger Demon is officially the world’s fastest accelerating car as the vehicle can sprint from 0-60mph in a record-breaking time of 2.3 seconds. Despite all the goodness that comes with the drag-focused car, would you be willing to pay a hefty price for the Demon?

We raise this question because there are a small number of vehicles that can actually sprint faster than the Dodge Challenger Demon, all while being cheaper to own. These vehicles are of course not in stock form as they have been modified to offer insane speed.

The most breathtaking model of them all is the GMC Syclone that comes with turbochargers tuned at 20 PSI boost. The Syclone is already a rare sight and to see it sprinting to 60mph in just 2.1 seconds is just amazing. The best part is that the Syclone is a pickup truck which means that it does not have an aerodynamic structure.

The video of the insanely fast Syclone is embedded below and we believe that such a vehicle can scare away the Dodge Demon.