GM Playing Tug-O-War With The Consumers Safety!

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General Motors is like an unpredictable weather. In a short time frame, the carmaker can produce some of the most pleasurable cars around but they can also act like the worst carmaker in the industry.

Today, GM is more of the latter after new reports are claiming that the carmaker wants to delay the Takata airbag recall that will involve more than 1 million vehicles which involves trucks and SUVs.

The carmaker is said to request for a one year delay for the recall and used researching as their excuse to justify the delay. GM wants to learn more about the Takata mechanism so that they can address the issue effectively and also more efficiently.

The only problem with this is that the delay can lead to more people being at risk of injuries and death. The Takata issues are proven to be fatal and it needs to get addressed immediately. Unfortunately, that is not in GM’s best interest right now.