GM Teases On Chevrolet Bolt SUV Coming Next Year

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If you think that the Chevrolet Bolt is the only EV which GM can develop, you are wrong. The American brand has got a long-term EV plan and we may see a new electric vehicle getting released next year to accompany the Bolt in the market.

This was confirmed earlier today when GM revealed that two new EVs will be making its debut within 18 months from now. Just with that statement, we can assume that the first of the two is going to get released next year.

There is no telling on what the new EVs will be but that did not stop the rumors from claiming one to be an EV SUV while the other an EV sedan. With SUVs being the trend in the automotive industry, we can assume the EV model to come out ahead of the sedan next year.

It is also safe to assume that the EV SUV will share the same EV powertrain that is used on the Bolt. The full details can be expected next year.