GM Tesla Model 3 Attempt Dumped On China!

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How about this from General Motors? The American carmaker has heard the heavy bashing aimed at the Model 3’s oversimplified interior and it somehow motivated them to follow the same path.

Today, GM got a product to show and we are surprised to see how well the unveiled concept managed to match the Model 3’s way of things. Known as the Baojun E100, the car snubs a compact sedan structure like the Model 3 for a 2-seater compact hatchback body.

What’s interesting about it is that the Baojun E100 costs only $5,000 and this is about seven times cheaper than the Model 3. Range-wise, the E100 has 100 miles to offer, which is almost a-third of what the Model 3 offers. The unfortunate thing about the E100 is that the car is far behind the competition in terms of performance.

Well, it won’t matter much as the E100 is said to be an EV that is made for China. We don’t know about you but we feel that the E100 is somehow a parody of the Model 3 made by GM. If the carmaker was serious, they would have put in more effort and make the E100 the biggest volume EV globally.