GM Unfazed By Courtroom Call From Corvette Z06 Owners

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If you have been following news from Corvette yesterday, you must have heard about the group of Z06 owners that are filing a class-action lawsuit against GM. The lawsuit is created due to a lingering overheating problem on the Z06 which GM has apparently failed to address.

Despite the Z06 having a spectacular specs sheet, the 650hp V8 mill can’t last more than 15 minutes as going beyond that will force the car into limp mode caused by overheating. The source of the issue is with the water cooling system for the supercharger. It can get air trapped in the system and requires a good bleed to get it out.

GM may have yet to offer a comment on the lawsuit but we predict that they are going to go through it and win the case. Looking back at past incidents with GM, we noticed that the carmaker can be pretty sly in handling legal affairs and they often get away with things.

Hence, it is perhaps right to say GM is unfazed by the class action lawsuit being filed by Z06 owners. For all we know, GM may just defend themselves by saying that the Z06 is a track-ready car and 15 minutes is more than enough for extreme performance.