GM’s Real People Trashes Tesla Advanced Autopilot Claims!

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A couple of days ago, Tesla made a loud announcement claiming that they have acquired Level 5 autonomy hardware and they are now creating the software to make it work before demonstrating the technology to the world in the near future.

The news was met with mixed reaction from the crowd as there are many that don’t see Level 5 Autonomy being available at present moment. Well, you can count GM to be part of those that viewed Tesla’s claims with great scrutiny after the company made a ‘truthful’ reveal on the subject.

GM revealed that autonomous technology today are largely the same as they were last year and this is still considered as Level 3 autonomy at best. GM then trashed Tesla when they revealed that there is no way the EV brand can hit Level 5 with just cameras and radar.

GM pointed out that their autonomy blueprint with current technology is more advanced than what Audi has achieved but it is still unable to score Level 4 autonomy. As such, GM is calling for the masses to not take Tesla’s words to the heart as it may just be a marketing manoeuvre.