Google Maps: Speed Limit Reminder Takes Off

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Getting a ticket for speeding is one of the things that drivers hate hence there have been a lot of hope for a technology that can detect a speed camera and warn the driver about it. While such a technology is not present yet, Google has moved forward in helping the drivers control the speed of their vehicle.

Google launched an update to Google Maps earlier today and it adds in a feature that tells the driver the speed limit of the road which the driver is on. The only setback here is that the feature is very new hence its availability is restricted to two cities at present moment. The areas are San Francisco Bay Area and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

While it may be a step forward for Google Maps, such a feature is already widely available on Waze. This can get confusing because Waze is owned by Google so why didn’t the tech giant just pass the feature to Google Maps?

This is one thing which we don’t understand but we don’t want to be bothered by it. All we can say is that Google Maps has just gotten better and you can be pleased by it.