Google Sells Waze Users Short On Android Auto

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Waze on Android Auto is something many would love to have but it won’t happen until Google says it’s okay to have the popular navigation app on the phone-pairing system.

Google has already mentioned before that they have yet to update the SDK to support navigation with third-party apps. Hence, it is only possible to navigate with Google Maps at the moment. Then there is the fact that Android Auto is very restricted as it has yet to get supported by various countries worldwide.

Sure, you may say that Waze is still under Google but you should note that they are being treated like a third-party name under Google. The recent update on Android Auto saw Google setting the platform for third-party navigation apps to work with the system and this hints that we are not far away from Waze’s integration.

Until an API is released, Waze for Android Auto is likely to be very restricted hence the best option is to utilize Google Maps. But of course, we can’t fully confirm on this until Waze truly gets released on Android Auto.