Grand Tour’s BMW M4 Stolen During Interview!

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Amazon’s The Grand Tour is about to air the series’ second season and we can be glad to know that there won’t be any delay for it. Amazon has promised to air the show on December 8 and that will be date when second season kicks off unlike what the speculations are claiming it to be.

In case you haven’t heard, there were a lot of talks on the second season getting delayed due to a BMW M4 getting stolen when the hosts were auditioning their new race driver.

In detail, James May’s candidate for the role was given the keys to a BMW M4 but the lad ended up stealing the car. It was to be expected as Captain Slow has described the his candidate as a promising driver due to his track records of getting away from the cops after stealing cars.

The good news is that the stolen BMW M4 is not for real as it is just some humour meant to act as a teaser for the premiere of The Grand Tour’s second season. You can check out the hilarious two-minute teaser below. Also, sorry for spoiling the content for you.