Honda Accord: Full-Turbo Can’t Save It From A Plunge!

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Towards the end of 2017, Honda brought out the brand-new Accord and it brought some big changes to the midsized sedan. One of them is with the turbo-only line-up.

In case you are unaware, there is no way for you to purchase a new Accord with a naturally-aspirated engine. The entire line-up is offered with turbocharged mills and Honda decided on this after enjoying strong sales success with the tenth generation Civic Turbo.

While the turbocharged engines may offer a splendid balance in power and fuel economy, they are not enough to save the Accord from a sales plunge. April 2018 sales data has shown that the Accord is not improving on this front.

In figures, Honda only moved 21,571 Accord and this is about 5,000 units fewer than April of last year. If that is not bad enough, the YTD sales has declined by a significant margin of 13.8%.

The fault is not with the way Honda sets-up the Accord but instead with the declining interest in sedans. The majority of consumers prefer crossovers and SUVs, and it will take something special for the Accord to remain in the limelight.