Honda Accord Hands The Market A Free Manual Schooling!

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Manual gearbox is on a steep decline in the market but that has never stopped Honda from still offering the traditional transmission option on several models in their line-up.

Among them is the latest Honda Accord but unfortunately for the carmaker, only a small fraction of the Accord’s buyers opted for manual. Honda believes that more enthusiasts would love to have the manual experience with the midsized sedan but they didn’t settle for stick shift due to the lack of skill in operating the car on manual.

With the aim of pleasing the driving crowd, Honda has released a video which offers drivers a tutorial on how to work on an Accord Manual in the most effective way possible. The video features former KBB journalist who is now working for Honda.

So if you want to get the most out of your Accord Manual or would want to get involve with stick shift, you can check out the tutorial clip below.