Honda Accord Outwit Toyota Camry In Vehicle Thefts

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Before you proceed, you should know that this article is not talking about anything positive with the Honda Accord. Instead of being about having the best anti-theft system, we are going to focus on the most stolen cars here in the US.

Today, it was confirmed that the Honda Accord is the most stolen vehicle in this country and the data was provided by the National Crime Information Center. What’s worst about it is that the runner-up position is owned by another Honda car – the Civic.

Based on statistics from last year, a total of 49,547 Civics were reported stolen and this is a huge number. But of course, the numbers don’t take into account on the year of the models stolen. If most of them are the Accord from the 90s, then we can’t see the anti-theft system on the new Accord as an issue.

For the full standings, you can check out the video below: