Honda Accord: Steering Wheel Joke May Turn Reality

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Various carmakers were very active in playing a prank during April Fool’s day earlier this month and among them is Japanese manufacturer, Honda. The company released a video depicting a new steering wheel that is being made for the next-gen Accord and it comes with emoticons.

The video turned viral throughout the first week of April this month and the feedback from the public weirdly suggests that they would love to have such feature on the roads.

This has got the rumors claiming that Honda will release a prototype of the emoticon steering wheel when unveiling the next-gen Accord next year and they will see if there is truly a possibility to apply the emoticon features with the car.

If this is spot on and the feedback continues to be good, then we can start looking forward to seeing drivers communicating through the sound of their horns in the near future to come. Would you vote for it?