Honda Accord Wins Heart, Toyota Camry Wins Sales

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How amazing is the Toyota Camry truly is? We are all aware that the car offers the best resale value, reliability and a competitive performance all while remaining affordable and this has cemented the car’s position at the top of the sales charts.

If that is not bad enough, the Camry continues to become the leader in sales – even when Honda had just brought out a new Accord that has a better-rated performance. The real shocker is when you realized that the declining sedan trend has sent the Accord on a plunge whereas the Camry narrowly escaped it with strong sales. What gives?

The reason is because of Toyota’s shrewd business to offer unbeatable financing deals. If you’re to head to the nearest Toyota dealer, you will notice that the Camry’s recipe for success is owed to the attractive financing deals where things can go as low as 0% APR.

Such an attractive financing scheme is more than enough to attract buyers and cement the car’s position at the top of the charts.