Honda Civic & CR-V Await Self-Driving Capabilities

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Like how virtual reality is turning into a norm in the tech industry, self-driving abilities is fast turning into a basic requirement in the automotive industry.

Most, if not all, carmakers are busy working on their brand of autonomous driving and tech giant Google is also hoping to offer something for the automotive market. Google’s Waymo is spearheading the development of a special autonomous technology and they are hoping to supply it whenever it gets released.

Today, we can say that the vehicles from Honda will be the first to try out the autonomous system from Waymo. It was reported that Honda is negotiating on a collaboration deal with Waymo and its intentions are for the development of an unrivalled autonomous system.

If the deal is to go through, Waymo can benefit from Honda’s experience in the auto industry and this can hasten the self-driving development. For Honda, they can hope to be the first to offer an unrivalled self-driving experience through applying the technology on the popular Civic and CR-V.