Honda Civic Fails To Impress, Unlike Honda CR-V

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Things are not looking all too well for the tenth generation Honda Civic. The compact car was lauded as the best vehicle in ages due to the amount of upgrades which it has to offer but the opinions are changing for the car.

Popular reviewer, Consumer Reports, shocked everyone when they started the ‘hate’ trend when they pulled the Civic out of their list of highly recommended vehicles.

Consumer Reports explained that they decided to dislike the Civic when they realized that the car is of poor quality. CR listed out that the touch-screen infotainment is infuriating to use, the lack of driver lumbar adjustability and the big absence of Honda Sensing system has given the Civic a new low score of 58 out of a 100.

Things got stranger when CR added the CR-V into their list of recommended vehicles. We say strange because the CR-V is basically a Civic that is morphed into a SUV. The duo now runs on the same mill and they are also built on the same platform. Can it get any more shocking?