Honda Civic Hatchback Made Dodge Charger Hellcat Swallow Its Roar

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The Hellcat nameplate has got a strong reputation for being fast as it comes with a no-nonsense 6.2L V8 engine that can develop 707hp. The figures instil fear in the hearts of rival cars but this is with the exception of a Honda Civic Hatchback.

The old classy hatchback is actually powerful enough to kill the Dodge Charger Hellcat and this is evident in a recent drag meeting involving the two.

As how you can see above, the gap in acceleration between the old Civic and the new Charger Hellcat is a huge one. But of course, you should know that the former is heavily modified while the latter is in its bone stock form.

Even so, the Civic Hatchback is equipped with only Honda-related parts. The owner replaced the engine with that of a V6 from the 2002 Odyssey and most other parts are from the Acura TL Type-S. Who would have thought that Honda’s parts are more than enough to take the roar out of the Hellcat?