Honda Civic: Safety Tests Should Include Train Crash!

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NHTSA, IIHS, NCAP, you name it. All these firms have been grading the safety of cars by putting them on crash simulations. The final score will then be made public so that consumers can consider the safety of the vehicle which they want to purchase.

These safety tests have also gotten tougher with every passing year but they are unable to force the Honda Civic into breaking a sweat. Being a big volume Japanese car that rarely breaks down, the Civic is a prime choice for compact car buyers. The Civic is also safe too as it can withstand a train crash.

Yes, you read that right. Normally, a vehicle will get completely wrecked after getting hit by a moving train but this is not the case for the Civic. We came across a video of a Civic that was stuck on the train tracks and it is still drivable after getting wrecked by a moving train.

It got us thinking, perhaps these crash tests should add in train crash simulation just so that they can make the Civic the king in safety. You can check out the video below.