Honda Civic Type R: All Is Fair On The Legendary ‘Ring

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Say you are speeding on a Honda Civic during a commute and you came across a Porsche 911 or a Lamborghini Huracan. There is a big chance for you to slow down your vehicle to acknowledge the presence of faster cars on the road.

Well, for the Honda Civic Type R, this is not applicable on the Nurburgring. An early adopter of the Civic Type R recorded his attempt at the Nurburgring and it saw the car letting it all loose on the track.

The Civic Type R, with all of its might, raced through every bends without any signs of slowing down and it even displayed aggression when overtaking iconic names like the Porsche 911.

But before you start yelling the Civic Type R is superior to the 911, you should know that the car from Porsche is faster on every front and the overtaking incident in the clip is due to the driver learning the track instead of letting it loose.