Honda Civic Type R Caught Creeping Past Porsche 911!

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The all-new Honda Civic Type R is still a rare sight on the roads as many buyers are pending to receive their purchase. As such, it explains why every Civic Type R that gets sighted on public roads will end up getting a lot of attention.

Today, one particular Civic Type R bathe on the attention in full style as it went out for a track session at Nurburgring and the driver never held back despite sharing the circuit with other vehicles.

A clip of the Civic Type R on Nurburgring in the hands of a fresh new owner has surfaced online and it saw the vehicle overtaking other road users swiftly. The biggest name that got left behind by the Type R is the Porsche 911 although we can say that the 911 wasn’t really competing.

It is obvious that there is no way for the Civic Type R to beat the Porsche 911 on a proper race hence the owner of the Porsche was probably learning about the track instead of letting loose like the Honda driver.

Either way, it is good to see performance cars getting driven like it should and at a proper location. You can check out the Civic Type R in the hands of a normal guy below.