Honda Civic Type R: Coolant Can’t Save Car From Extreme Heat!

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The all-new Honda Civic Type R is a big leap forward from the previous-generation model but this is still not enough to prevent the car from overheating on the track.

While the Civic Type R may have great reliability on daily driving, its mechanism is not good enough to last on the hot track. A growing number of owners are reporting on the Civic Type R overheating on their track runs although the blame is not placed on the car.

This is because surface temperature on certain tracks can be tens of degrees over 100F. Most cars overheat on an average summer day at these tracks when on long sessions hence we cannot fault the Civic Type R for being poor on this front.

However, if some clever tweaks are made to the coolant, it may just be able to keep the Civic Type R running longer but we are not sure if this is a great decision to make.