Honda Civic Type R Hands Preview Of AWD Baby NSX!

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There have been a lot of talks linking Honda to the development of the Baby NSX and we have to say that the idea of a smaller, entry-level NSX is not impossible to execute at all. What’s even better about it is that such a car won’t have a negative effect on the Honda Civic Type R.

All thanks to a one-off creation of a modded AWD Civic Type R that got unveiled earlier today, we are finally able to measure the potential of the Baby NSX. The modded Civic Type R still runs on its 305hp engine and award-winning FWD setup but it has got its rear-wheels swapped for the ones from ORBIS.

The new wheels come together with independent electric motors that adds in a total of 125hp. When combined with the 305hp on the stock Civic Type R, we are looking at a total output of 430hp.

This is a nice level of power for an entry-level sports car that is in the mold of the NSX. Like the flagship supercar, the Baby NSX will have an AWD setup with a performance hybrid powertrain. The icing on the cake is with the fact that the wheels from ORBIS are 90 days away from its official release.

For a visual representation on the above, you can check out the video below.