Honda Civic Type-R Horrific Drifts On Its Roof

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Drifting a car is something that is fun to do but it won’t be right if you are doing it upside down. We raise this point after witnessing a Honda Civic Type-R taking on a corner while switching between its tires and roof.

For a better idea on this, you can check out a clip of the incident below.

Clearly, this is not a stunt and is actually a mistake from the driver. The Civic Type-R was glued on the curb when there is too much force applied on the A-Pillar. This resulted in the Civic Type-R flipping over but instead of rolling, the vehicle slid through the bend.

The good news here is that the driver managed to escape without any major injuries. The Civic Type-R was then towed away from the scene and it ended up as a write off.