Honda Civic Type R: Is This The Solution For Extreme Dealer Mark-Ups?

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What is there not to like about the all-new Honda Civic Type R? The vehicle is dubbed as the world’s fastest FWD car and it is also reasonably priced too.

Well, despite the Civic Type R being a great affordable sports car, it is not easy to obtain the vehicle and this is because of the insane dealer mark-ups. On average, the Civic Type R costs $80,000 and this is about double the car’s MSRP.

The dealer mark-ups have caused a lot of disappointment to interested buyers and Honda has heard their cries. The Japanese carmaker is now working on a solution for the matter but their idea of a fix may not be something which you want to hear.

It is the Civic Type R Touring, which is described as a more basic version of the original Type R. The difference here is that the car comes with smaller wheels, cheaper tyres, simplified seats and cheaper audio system.

Thanks to this setup, the Type R Touring will have an MSRP that is very close to $30,000. It may sound like great news for those on a strict budget but we don’t see it as a solution for the dealer problem.

The best way to curb mark-ups is actually through increasing production volume and Honda should know this better.