Honda Civic Type R: “It’s Faster Than A Porsche 911”

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Let’s be real here. Until Honda decides to turn the Civic Type R into a supercar, the sports hatch will never come close to the performance of a Porsche 911. Both the Type R and the 911 are two very different classes of sports cars that can go fast and the 911 is superior to the Type R.

This then brings us to a new viral video which shows the Civic Type R in action on the Nurburgring which brought in the Porsche 911 into the mix. A 911 happens to be on the circuit and it got overtaken by the Civic Type R.

What we don’t understand here is the commotion which a certain section of the public screaming that the 911 is weaker than the Civic Type R because ‘all is equal on the track’.

This is just wrong because the 911 could be driven by a learning driver or the driver in the 911 was merely studying the Nurburgring track. Because if the Civic Type R is truly faster on the Ring, it would have shattered the 911 lap record. So let’s keep it real people.