Honda Civic Type R: No Dealer Mark-Ups With $5,000 Package!

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Fans of the latest Honda Civic Type R are having a hard time purchasing the car and this is because of the huge dealer markups applied on the vehicle.

With the Civic Type R costing twice as much as its MSRP on average, you might want to wait a couple of years before buying the car. It is either that or you pick up a different Type R for less than $5,000.

Yes, you read that right. To be more precise, the Type R can be owned for only $4,000. The unfortunate thing here is that you won’t be getting the Civic Type R. Instead, you will get a specially made lawnmower bearing the Type R moniker from Honda.

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Called the Miimo, the gardening tool can be purchased with Civic Type R-inspired design or the CBR Fireblade. We apologize for misleading you into this but we just can’t help it since the Civic Type R is so ridiculously priced at the dealerships.