Honda Civic Type R Pickup Looks Like A Mayhem That Should Happen!

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What you’re looking at above is a photo of a Honda Civic Type R Pickup concept and… no, it is not a fan made rendering at all. The vehicle in the picture is an actual, physical concept from Honda and it was developed as an experimental thing prior to the arrival of the Civic Type R.

The thought of having a powerful sports hatch redesigned as a utility vehicle is already absurd but something about the concept promises greater fun than the official car.

Power is said to be identical to the official Civic Type R and this will cement the vehicle’s status of being the fastest FWD pickup truck around. The open bed replacing the rear seats may also make it more fun as it will change the weight distribution of the vehicle.

There are no numbers for us to crunch and also no official confirmation if the truck Type R will step into production. If it does happen, the Civic Type R Truck is likely to become an exotic instead of a mass market vehicle. Make it happen Honda!