Honda Civic Type-R vs Ford Focus RS In No Man’s Land

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2017 looks set to become one of the most exciting years for the automotive industry as many carmakers prepare to launch their performance-focussed products. Among them is the new generation Civic Type-R, which will finally be making its debut in North America.

The Civic Type-R will be relying on a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that will be refined to offer more than 320hp for the US market and this will give it the potential to compete with the Ford Focus RS.

The latter is currently the best rated sports hatch around and it will be interesting to see how it competes directly with the Civic Type-R. It will be extra challenging for the car from Honda because they will be challenging the Focus RS right at their enemy’s home turf.

Will the Civic Type-R be able to surpass the Ford Focus RS in a race and sales? Well, we will find out for sure in 2017.