Honda Civic Type R vs Original NSX: How Far Has Affordable Cars Improved?

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The Honda Civic Type R is the current champion in the world of FWD cars as it offers the fastest performance around. If that is not good enough, you should know that the Civic Type R’s Nurburgring run has seen the vehicle achieving greater times than several pure RWD sports cars.

Today, the Civic Type R is at it again but this time, the car contested against an old icon – the Honda NSX from 1990. The old supercar was one of the fastest vehicles in the world back in its day and seeing it race with the Civic Type R has brought out a number of interesting conclusions.

If you’re to check out the race clip below, you will see that the old NSX is only a couple of milliseconds faster than the Civic Type R. This goes to show that the tech improvements applied on the Civic Type R has blessed it with a supercar performance from the 90s era.

The other thing worth noting is that the original NSX is still a glorious performer and it has aged really well.