Honda Civic Type R: Which Generation Is Fastest?

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The Honda Civic Type R is an iconic vehicle in the sports department and this is due to the impressive performance which it has to offer. What makes the Civic Type R more lovable is the approachable MSRP.

The combination of affordability and extreme performance makes the Civic Type R special and there is also the fact that the Type R can perform well both on the straight line and on the track. But if you are to put every generation Civic Type R on a drag contest, which will come out as the winner?

This is a pointless move to identify the fastest Civic Type R because straight line performance is not everything for the car. Even so, having every generation Civic Type R competing against one another has already happened earlier today and we can now tell which version is fastest of them all.

Just for the sake of knowing, you can check out the Civic’s “World’s Greatest Drag Race” below.