Honda Clarity Piles Pressure On Nissan Leaf!

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FCEVs, also known as hydrogen-powered cars, are far behind pure EVs in terms of popularity, development and exposure but this is not enough to stop the Honda Clarity from outselling some of the most notable names in the electric scene.

The sales data for April 2018 has confirmed that Honda has moved a total of 1,212 Clarity and this is almost 50 units more than the Nissan Leaf. What’s amazing about this is that the Leaf had just been updated with a new generation model but that isn’t enough to put it ahead of the Clarity on the sales front.

Seeing that the rumors have been claiming that Nissan will offer an FCEV version of the Leaf in the near future, the Clarity’s rapid incline may force the vehicle out much sooner than expected.

Until that happens, the pressure is on the new Leaf to end 2018 ahead of the Clarity. Failing to do so may make it right to label the Leaf as a failure.