Honda Clarity Spearheads FCEV Takeover With Yet Another Award

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It is not surprising to see the Honda Clarity being an unknown car to average consumers as the vehicle is produced in very limited numbers. It cannot be helped as the Clarity runs on hydrogen-powered fuel-cell – something that is still in its infancy stage.

FCEV is regarded by Japanese carmakers to be the real successor to ICE vehicles instead of EVs as they can replicate the driving range and ‘refuelling’ times of a gasoline car while still being emission-free.

The latest Clarity has further proved that hydrogen is also enough to develop a decent performance although they are still far from supercar status.

Even so, this is enough for major automotive outlet like Wards Auto to name the Clarity as the best car for 2018 – an award that was previously won by the Hyundai Tucson. The Clarity simply has the better powertrain design (compact) and a performance that is superior to the Tucson.