Honda CR-V Schools Nissan Rogue On Consistency

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About a year ago, consumers in the US were going crazy over the newly launched Nissan Rogue. Today, the scenario has changed drastically as the Rogue never managed to get out of its sales decline.

Despite holding the number 10 spot in the overall US automotive sales for the month of April, fewer units of the Rogue were sold when compared to April of last year. In figures, Nissan moved 23,331 Rogue, down by a margin of 14.8%.

One may argue that this isn’t so bad for the Rogue but this is just being too kind in our eyes. 3 years ago, when the latest generation Honda CR-V made its debut, the vehicle held the number one spot in crossover sales for almost 24 months.

The arrival of the new Rogue sent the CR-V into a decline but not in a manner that hurts Honda. Unlike the Rogue, which has been moving around the sales charts, the CR-V remained at a consistent level on the sales front.

April last month further strengthened this claim as Honda moved 28,323 CR-V – about 4,000 units more than the Rogue. Nissan will need to work on consistency if they really want to outdo the CR-V