Honda CR-V’s Joke Taken Too Seriously By Accord?

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If you can’t recall April Fool’s day last month, Honda played a prank on the masses by releasing a video of a brand new futuristic technology made for their cars. The technology is a steering wheel that can convey emotions through emoticon buttons embedded on the steering wheel.

Pressing any button will convey your emotion through sound emitted from the car’s infotainment system. The highly advanced steering wheel was applied on the CR-V in the video and it got a lot of attention from the public.

Despite being just a joke, some section of the crowd actually wants the emoticon steering wheel to turn into reality. So when Honda was questioned on what new features the future Accord will have, we got scared upon hearing “emoticon steering” getting uttered by the Japanese carmaker.

It might sound innovative but the feature can get abused by irresponsible Accord drivers thus contributing to noise pollution. We certainly hope that Honda is still joking about it because we can’t imagine how the roads will be like if the Accord can honk away the driver’s emotions.