Honda Fit Won’t Join Ford Fiesta In Compact Exodus!

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The automotive landscape here in the US has completely changed in the past couple of years as more consumers lean towards owning SUVs and crossovers instead of hatchbacks and sedans.

While the polar change is still far away from completion, American brands like Ford and Chevrolet are already making the leap to become utility-focused companies. Ford started the fire by announcing on the axing of the Fiesta, Fusion and several other vehicles, and this was followed by Chevrolet.

But for Honda, they are not interested in joining the trend as they still believe that the Fit has a big role to play here in the US. Despite the sharp drop in sales of the Fit this year, Honda believes that the fortunes will reverse for the better in the near future.

Honda cited that the Fit will have an easier market without the Fiesta around. Furthermore, the rising gas prices may force the market to make a U-turn towards economical compact cars.

With this in mind, Honda believes that the best approach is to turn the Fit into an unbeatable economical car. The company confirmed earlier today that a pure EV Fit is in the works and it is aimed at boosting sales of the hatchback by a 100% margin. Will things work out well for the Fit?