Honda May Replicate Chevrolet’s Disappointing 1-Car Sale!

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What has been the biggest surprise in the 2018 automotive scene for you? If you ask us, we would gladly bring up the 1 car which Chevrolet managed to sell in the UK over a period of an entire month.

It is just hilarious to look at the number, especially since Chevrolet is a mass-market carmaker. But in Chevy’s defence, they are never catering to the UK market at all. Also, before we start laughing harder at Chevrolet, we should note that Honda may go down the same route.

The Japanese carmaker that has been on a roll with sales of the new Civic and CR-V are now at risk of leaving the UK market and this is due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

In detail, Honda is monitoring the situation and they are hoping for a free access to the EU market. Should that not happen, then Honda will be absorbing the massive loss of their production plant in the UK thus forcing them to exit the region in favour of a larger market.

The worst that could happen from this is the limited supply of Honda cars in the UK – which may then replicate Chevrolet’s micro sales figure.