Honda Pilot Can’t Hold A Candle To Toyota Highlander!

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The latest generation Honda Pilot is easily one of the best SUVs in the affordable market but despite its impressive offerings, the vehicle is still unable to compete closely with the Toyota Highlander.

To be more specific, the Pilot is still far behind the Toyota Highlander in terms of sales. The latest generation Pilot went through a sharp sales incline back in the 2016 after recording 120,772 units sold in that year and this led many to speculate that the vehicle can outsell the Highlander in 2017.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen at all as the Pilot finished 2017 with a mild improvement to its annual sales. Honda managed to move only 127,279 Pilots last year and this is barely half of the volume sales achieved by the Toyota Highlander.

The ratio is no different to 2016 and this suggests that the Pilot is fast reaching its peak potential sales. In other words, it will take a miracle for Honda to outsell the Highlander this year.