Honda Pilot Is A Stripped Out Acura MDX, Not Vice-Versa

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The latest Acura MDX goes by many names and one of them is ‘a Honda Pilot with blings’. Such a description cannot be avoided because most, if not all, of Honda cars get redesigned for luxuries whenever they are adopted by Honda’s luxury arm, Acura.

But in the MDX’s case, calling it a diamond-studded Honda Pilot is not a fair sentiment because it isn’t that. The MDX came out ahead of the Pilot hence it is more right to say that the SUV from Honda is a stripped out version of the SUV from Acura.

A Honda spokesperson made this extra clear earlier today when he pointed out that several features on the latest generation Pilot are actually taken from the Acura MDX. This strengthens the fact that the Pilot is based on the MDX and not vice-versa.

Having the MDX being the base model for the Pilot can also help boost the SUV’s sales prospects since consumers would definitely prefer paying an affordable MSRP for a vehicle that is based on a luxury model. Perhaps, this could be why the Honda employee came out to make such a statement.