Honda Ridgeline: Figures Confirm It Is No Longer An Afterthought

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The Honda Ridgeline has never managed to enjoy a warm reception since it made its debut a couple of years ago and this is due to the pickup truck cults criticizing the vehicle’s unusual offerings.

The critics were loud when the questioned the Ridgeline FWD-biased AWD drivetrain and comforting car-like cabin. Even when the Ridgeline has demonstrated respectable hauling abilities, its unorthodox setup has blinded the critics from looking at the good pointers.

Today, Honda can be at ease knowing that the haters have taken their attention away from the Ridgeline and it basically helped the midsized pickup truck prosper on the sales front.

October last month may have seen the sales numbers dip from the year before but the overall YTD sales have improved by a margin of 81.7%. If Honda can keep the momentum going, the Ridgeline can narrow the gap separating it from the likes of Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma.