Honda Ridgeline: How A New Gearbox Can Ignite A Comeback

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The midsized pickup truck market here in the US keeps on getting more interesting, especially after Ford announced on the return of the Ranger.

However, before the Ranger can make any sort of impact in the segment, both the Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado will continue fighting to become number one. But what about the Honda Ridgeline?

The latter made its debut about a year ago and it is still struggling to keep up with sales of the Colorado and the Tacoma. Heck, the Ridgeline is performing so bad that it is ranked near the bottom in terms of sales.

Some would blame it on the FWD-biased AWD drivetrain on the Ridgeline but others believe that the main cause of the poor sales is due to the Ridgeline’s pricing. For a decent midsized pickup truck that is less attractive on the papers when compared to rival models, the vehicle is priced around the $30,000 mark.

This is something that is scaring away potential buyers and Honda needs to revise the price if they want to have a greater chance at success in the midsized pickup segment. Well, Honda may just be a step ahead of us as they have announced on a brand new 10-speed automatic gearbox.

The new transmission is confirmed to be coming to the Ridgeline and it will appear on the mid-level and higher level trims. The Ridgeline with 10-speed will still be sticking to the current MSRP and trims without the new transmission will get its prices reduced by a rough figure of 10%.

This is great news for those that desires to own the Honda Ridgeline but are pushed aside due to the vehicle’s high calling price. With the new feature and price structure, the Ridgeline can become more approachable and this may ignite a comeback.