Honda Ridgeline Laughs At F-150, Silverado Yet Again

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It seems that Honda is enjoying every moment they have with the latest generation Ridgeline. It is quite a surprise because the Ridgeline was a subject of hate when it was first released and this is due to the FWD setup it relies on.

For the millions of pickup truck lovers here in the US, they see this move as something provocative to the local pickup truck culture. Well, what these millions are not aware of is that the Ridgeline is targeting the majority of the market with its unique setup and it was never interested in keeping up with tradition.

The new Ridgeline is starting to grow on the consumers and this is proven with the sales figures of the pickup truck that is gradually rising. The Ridgeline also knows how to have some fun too when it puts the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado to shame by confirming that it has the strongest bed out of the three.

Today, the Ridgeline has returned to have more fun as it was named as the pickup truck with the best and safest lights around. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety revealed that they are worried by the fact that the average light ratings for pickup trucks are poor.

The Ridgeline is the best lighted pickup truck but thanks to the LED low beams and this granted the vehicle ‘good’ ratings. Even so, IIHS says it is not something exceptional and needs improvement.

In case you are wondering how the Silverado and F-150 are doing, they both scored poor. Somehow, this result tells us that Honda has developed the Ridgeline to focus on addressing the flaws of popular pickup trucks. It just seems like it.