Honda Ridgeline Tells Pilot What It Needs For 2017

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We have said it many times before that the Ridgeline and the Pilot are very similar to each other. Both vehicles are built on the same platform and they run on the same 3.5L V6 engine. They Ridgeline and Pilot also share the same design language thus making it harder to tell them apart.

The only noticeable difference between the Pilot and the Ridgeline is with the infotainment system and the fact that the Ridgeline is built as a pickup truck. Well, there is no way for the Pilot to adopt a bed on its rear because the vehicle is made to be a large SUV.

On the technology end of things however, the Pilot looks set to receive an infotainment upgrade and one that will come preloaded with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Such an addition will further make the Pilot more similar to the Ridgeline since the pickup truck too is equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Honda has confirmed that the new infotainment system will be offered on the 2017 Honda Pilot.