Honda S2000 Officially Revived But With A Catch!

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The last time Honda spoke about the S2000, they revealed that the nimble sports car is a once-in-a-decade car. This basically explains why Honda has behaved sluggishly when it comes to developing a new S2000 and they continue to be this way today.

Over at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda has been bombarded with questions on the fate of the S2000 and it forced out a positive response from the carmaker. Honda revealed that they already have the S2000 blueprint ready but they are contemplating on if they really need to produce the vehicle.

The S2000 can add a breath of fresh air in a segment that is dominated by only the Mazda MX-5 Miata and fans of the affordable performance segment would love to see it happen.

For Honda, that is not enough as they want certainty that there is demand for a new S2000 before they produce the vehicle. In other words, the demand must be over-the-top to convince Honda into developing the S2000. Make it happen people!