Honda’s Resources Redefines Dodge Hellcat As A Joke

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Whenever we hear the name Hellcat, the first thing that comes to our mind is the 707hp which the 6.2L V8 engine is able to develop. The powertrain has made some great achievements with the Challenger and Charger but it seems that the pony count is no longer relevant in the performance market.

We say this because more carmakers prefer to enhance the intellectual aspect of their cars rather than focusing on offering more horses. A 400hp car today is capable of performing like a 700hp vehicle. This is proven yet again when an old but modded Honda Civic was capable of outpacing the Charger Hellcat.

If you are to check out the clip above, the owner of the Civic shared that he modded the car with parts only from Honda. The original 4-pot mill has been ditched in favour of the V6 from the 2002 Odyssey. Other mechanical parts too have been replaced with those from the Acura TL Type-S.

Every part came from Honda and the end product is a Civic that is more than capable of slaying the Hellcat. It is quite a shocking result but it does confirm that Honda has got the resources to develop an ultra-fast car.